Are you one of those who love reading? Yes, of course, right. As people say that reading is the best thing to spend your free time. In fact, it is also said that books are the people’s best friend through which one can gain lots of knowledge. However, with the rise of modern technology people are slowly losing interest on the printed books and taking more interest on the free E-Books online these days. This means that everything has become digitized which is more convenient for everyone to read books in a convenient way.

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During the olden days, we have seen it is hard to carry load of books along with you anywhere you go. But now, technology has made a convenient way by introducing the digital e-books apps, which is especially designed for those who find it difficult to carry books along with them anywhere they go.

Therefore, with the help of this free e-book download sites, you can carry them anywhere you go and spend time reading in a convenient way. However, many people don’t have any idea where to find such kind of sites. Well, that’s the reason why we have come to rescue you. Since, there are many websites which provides E-books to download available online but need to register to download it. You must be wondering where can you get free e-book downloading sites right? So, in this content we will be discussing with you free e-books download sites. So, let’s move on without wasting time.

Free E-Book Download Sites to Read E-Books Online:

1. Google E-Bookstore:

Google E-Book Store is the first free e-book website where you can download easily. This site is also available for Android device as well, which is available on Google Play Store. This way you can read books easily, all you need to do is go to the “Books” Section and choose “Free” options and get access to free e-Books. Here, you will find huge collections of books right from different genres, best sellers and much more.  All you need to do is choose any genres and start reading or download them for free of cost.

2. Amazon Kindle Books:

If you are an Amazon kindle user, then you might have known that it offers another feature where you can get access free books to download. All you need to do is simply Sign in and simply choose your favourite books, either by name, author, genres etc. Apart from that, you will even find different books which like fictions, thrillers, romance and much more. Meanwhile, you need to go through the latest books online, you can even check out the user reviews which is the best thing about Amazon Kindle before you start downloading any books.

3. 2020oK:

2020ok is yet another free E-Book download site through which you can easily read e-books online. Here, you will find huge collection of e-books for free with different categories and genres which includes thriller, romance, comics, and much more. Therefore, you can easily download any favourite e-books for free just by searching in on the search bar and start reading while travelling anywhere.

4. TradePub:

If you not only love to read books but also magazines and much more then TradePub is the perfect one for you. It has a huge collection of e-Books available for free. Here you can get to read not only books but also magazines, case studies etc. It is all in one professional library for those who love reading. All you need to do is click on any one of your favourite e-books and hit the download button. That’s it. But before you start downloading you must first sign up.

5. Free PDF E-Books:

This free PDF E-Books is yet another free e-Book downloading sites, where you can discover the entire latest books by different authors, from different categories. With the help of this website, you can even discover independent authors or writers which offer you many genres like fictions, thriller, romance, etc. Apart from that, you can even find different subjects like history, geography, children books and much more. We recommend you to try out this website for reading free e-books and can download them easily.

6. Baen:

Baen is free e-books download sites, where they offer you to read any of your favourite e-books for free. It consists of different categories of e-books but in a very limited amount, here you can download limited e-books for free of cost. Apart from that, it comes with some free features like non-fiction and fiction genres of books. It is very easy to download it; all you need to do is simply sign up and browse the lists of different categories, choose any one and then download it. While downloading the books, you can even convert them into RTF, EPUB file formats. However, you must keep in mind that to download any e-books from this site you need a special app as it files come in a Zip file or else just use it on your computer.

7. Open Culture:

If you are student that wants to gain lots of knowledge then Open Culture is the perfect one for you. In this site, you will find 800 free e-books to download on any of your devices. This website is the perfect for the students, where they will find every subject related to their course. It comes with featured e-books related to poetry, non-fiction, fiction, and much more. Apart from that, you can discover different author’s books like Virginia Woolf, William Shakespeare, etc. The best thing about this website is that you will find everything updated and it is worth trying out to download free e-books online.

Summing up:

So, these are the best free e-books download sites in the above content. Therefore, we have shared with you all the best websites to download free e-books online. With the help of these websites, you can easily download your favourite e-books online for free. This way you can enjoy reading books anytime you want and anywhere you go. So, which website do you choose is all up to you. If you have more options on your mind then do share with us.

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